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Social Distancing at Christian Fields
The first week of games is off to a great start, as our softball...
SLL Golf Tournament Friday, Sept 11th
Details to follow
Social Distancing at Christian Fields

The first week of games is off to a great start, as our softball and baseball players are doing amazing, and it is so good to see them back out on the field. We have worked hard to get to this point this year, and appreciate everyone’s support thus far. And we need that continued support to assure that we can keep playing through the summer.

There have been concerns raised about spectators congregating too close together. We need to emphasize that families remain six feet apart when watching games. We realize that many of you may be getting together with each other away from the field, however we need to prohibit this at Christian Field. Our parents and families must understand the risk, not only to the possibility of spreading germs, but also the risk of the Little League getting shut down if there are too many complaints or issues.

Please utilize the entire field for watching games. Everyone cannot congregate along one baseline to view the action. Very few people have watched from the outfield, which is one of the better views. We can’t emphasize enough to spread out. Other towns are requiring spectators to wear masks and remain six feet apart, or even to remain in their cars while attending games. We don’t want to have to take such draconian measures, but need your assistance.

The League will also cease taking temperatures prior to players and coaches entering the field. We ask that parents monitor their child’s temperature before coming to the field, and that you and your child stay home if they have a fever.

We also need to remind parents to be certain your child has plenty of water at their games. It is very hot, and the players can get dehydrated quickly when exerting energy. Be certain you send your child with plenty of water, as there is not water available for them at the field.

Finally, Christian Field is private property. Pets (i.e. dogs) are strictly prohibited at the fields.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact a board member, or you can email us at .

Thank you for your cooperation. We want to do all we can to allow our kids to enjoy softball and baseball this summer.

by posted 07/10/2020
SLL Golf Tournament Friday, Sept 11th

Details to follow

by posted 03/01/2020
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