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Volunteer Bond Information and Refunds

Suffield Little League is run by a group of dedicated parents who volunteer as the Board of Directors. It is not run by the Town of Suffield. As parents and board members, our main goal is to give the youth of Suffield the best baseball and softball experience possible. As an all-volunteer organization, we need the assistance of other parents to help ensure their children will have a fun-filled, memorable season.  To encourage that support, the Board of Directors have implemented a $100 (per family) Volunteer Bond which will be collected at the time of registration. The league is not looking for the money; we are looking for help running league operations.

The Volunteer Bond will be refunded after completing the required service commitment for the season: minimum of 4 hours of volunteer time PLUS one night in Chet’s. There are many ways to help the league and there will be lots of opportunities throughout the season to get your $100 back. Please see the list of Volunteer Opportunities for more details.

The specific date/time/location of the distribution of refunds is to be determined, but will be posted to the SLL website and an email will be sent.

Suffield Little League truly appreciates your support. When everyone does their part to help, it makes a much more enjoyable year.


Volunteer Opportunities for Suffield Little League

1. Helping with Field Maintenance
2. Helping fundraise 
3. Helping at field cleanup days 
4. Helping at Home Run Derby 
5. Helping out at Opening Day 
6. Picking up trash around bleachers and in dugouts 
7. Weeding batting cages 
8. Field preparation before games (line/rake) (8 times) 
9. Raking field after games (8 times) 
10. Spraying field fences for wasps/bees 
11. Helping Equipment manager with equipment bags 
12. Installing bases on fields pre-season 
13. Assist with Golf Tournament 
14. Helping with special projects like carpentry or electrical work. 
15. Taking in Puddle Pillows 
16. Keeping the Scorebook 
17. Running sound at special event days 
18. Announcing for Championship games and All Stars games 
19. Operate Scoreboard 
20. Helping at Registration 
21. Work a shift in Chet's snack shack

The following positions fully meet the required family service commitment of 4 hours (excluding the one shift in Chet's) for the 2017 season:

  • Board Member
  • Team Manager
  • Assistant Coach
  • Team Parent
  • Umpire Coordinator