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Chet’s Snack Shack Guidelines 2018


Monday – Friday 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm and select weekend hours

Shifts: Can be decided by the Team Parent in 30 or 60 minute assignments

TWO or THREE persons minimum (unless otherwise notified)

Food Booth Coordinator: Dan Leger (860) 982-3115




Team Parents: 

It is the Team Parents responsibility to make sure every volunteer has arrived for their shift and Chet’s is fully manned always including opening and closing. The last shift is the most important for the league. 

Your team will still have an obligation to work in Chet’s even if your child’s field is closed. It has happened in the past where one field is too wet, but the others are playable. Parents please be ready to volunteer regardless if your child’s game is canceled or not.   

In the event your team is canceled, and you are scheduled to work, we will contact your team parent with a make-up date. Your child’s team may or may not be playing on the same day, but we will try.

Even though we are present, Chet’s is still your team’s responsibility for the entire night. That means volunteers need to open and close with a two or three person minimum (not including children or teenagers). 



Chet's opens each weeknight at 5:00 pm.  

manual is also present to assist anyone with opening and closing

Signs are posted for guidance near every station. 



Children must be 6 years old or older to be in Chet’s. They must stay out of the way and away from any food prep or grills. All children under 16must have a parent present with them at all times. They cannot handle food/drink, touch any cooking supplies, utensils, grills, microwaves or run the cash register per the Health Inspector and Fire Marshal. Please watch children and make sure they are not interrupting the flow of business or horse playing. 

All children over 14 can count toward your family’s volunteer bond hours but must have a parent present also.

Only Parents and approved teenagers can handle money, not children.

NO eating or drinking is allowed in Chet’s. 

Volunteers are required by the Health Department to wear either a hair net or hat/visor and must have hair pulled back in elastic off your shoulders.



Please sign in on the sign in sheet to receive credit for your volunteer hours (this is required by the Health Department).

Volunteers pick a station to work for their shift. Examples are cashier, grill master, microwave/coffee/nacho station or runner. 

Volunteers must wash hands immediately when entering Chet’s and anyone manning a station with food should have food safe disposable gloves on. If you walk away from your station or touch anything other than the food/utensils you must change your gloves. 

The grill must be started by:

turning the gas lever vertically behind patio door 

turning the silver gas knob counter clockwise on the gas tank outside by the portapotties

igniting the grill (follow directions by the gas grill knobs) 

turning the exhaust fan located to the right of the lost & found is on

Plug in & turn on the Keurig Coffee Pot, make sure there is water in it (use water in 1 gal. jug in fridge)

Always cook to order per the Health Inspector and to prevent waste. Customers can wait a few minutes for a fresh bite.

Please do not leave your shift until your replacement has arrived.


At closing for the safety of all volunteers please leave at the same time. In the event of an emergency there should be no one left alone.


Follow all instructions for closing on the Chet’s Manual located near the register. Make sure the gas grill is off, the gas level behind the patio door is horizontal, the silver gas knob on the tank outside by the port potties is turned off clockwise and the exhaust fan to the right of the lost & found shelves is turned off.